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Optical Proximity

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Optical Proximity Switches and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Optical proximity sensors with modulated Infra Red beam consisting of transmitter and receiver.The Optical Proximity Switches the state of the art modulation and detection circuit ensures reliable operation of sensor in hostile environment and are unaffected by temperature variation and stray light.This Switches senses any object,Longer Sensing Distanc and widely used for sensing metals, non-metals like, wood, glass & water.

Optical Proximity Switches / Sensors works on principle of density :
Optical Proximity Switches / Sensors perceives any object at a long distance; have high position sensing accuracy and Medium counting speed. Optical Proximity Switches / Sensors have Infra-red type sensors adapting enhanced and authentic technology. These Optical Proximity Switches / Sensors are proposed in acrylic, tubular metallic & plastic enclosures. Exclusive miniatures of Optical Proximity Switches / Sensors are available for sensing miniature objects / high temperature objects and also available with an integrated Optical Fiber cable for easy erection.

Optical proximity Switches / Sensors are used where intense perceiving amplitude is essential with non-contact operation. The device can be perceived by three methods:
a) Through Beam Type : Transmitter and receiver are embedded in two separate enclosures. When they are sequenced, light beam passes from transmitter to receiver. Substance, detaching the light beam makes a change in the receiver. This change is identified, and output signal is generated to direct the external relay.
b) Retro Reflective Type : Transmitter and receiver are encased in single chamber and positioned with the reflector. The beam reproduced by the reflector gets back to the receiver. Object splitting the light beam generate a change at the receiver which produces an output signal.
c) Diffused Scan Type : Diffused Scan Type is a permanent attended type of switch. Transmitter and receiver are walled in the same casing. Transmitted beam hits on the target (when the object enters the scanning range) and gets reflected by object facade. Receiver notices these rays and output signal is generated.

Type : OPS13 - DC/OPS12-AC

M12 M18 M30

Optical Proximity Switches

Dimension M12 M18 M30
Length(mm) 80 80 80
Sensing Distance(mm) DS-50 RR-200 TB-1Mtr DS-300 RR-1Mtr TB-5Mtr DS-1Mtr RR-3Mtr TB-20Mtr
Enclosure NC plated Brass NC plated Brass/Plastic NC plated Brass
load Current(mA) 100 200 200
Supply Voltage(V) 10-30 10-30 10-30
Switching Frequency(Hz) 50 50 50
H17X50X55 MF50 F100
DS : Diffuse Scan
RR : Retro Reflective
TB : Through Beam
Dimension H17X50X55 MF50 F100
Length(mm) 17X50X55 90X70X15 XXX
Sensing Distance(mm) DS-200 RR-600 TB-3Mtr Gap-50mm Gap-100mm
Enclosure Plastic Plastic Plastic
load Current(mA) 200 200 200
Supply Voltage(V) 10-30 10-30 10-30
Switching Frequency(Hz) 50 50 50
H17X50X115 H17X50X115 60X20X15
Power Supply Unit for Sensor is Available
Dimension H17X50X115 H17X50X115 60X20X15
Length(mm) H17X50X115 17X50X115 60X20X15
Sensing Distance(mm) Gap-20mm Gap-3mm Gap-5mm
Enclosure Plastic Plastic Plastic
load Current(mA) 200 200 200
Supply Voltage(V) 10-30 10-30 10-30
Switching Frequency(Hz) 50 100 200

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