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Capacitive Proximity

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Capacitive Proximity Switches and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Capacitive Proximity Switches / Sensors :
Capacitive Proximity Switches / Sensors can recognize the gap between the objects by detecting transformation in the electrical capacitance around it. A radio-frequency circuit is attached to a metal plate. The radio frequency changes when the plate comes close to an object, and the frequency detector passes a signal instructing the Capacitive Proximity Switch to open or close.

❖ Capacitive proximity sensors detects a wide variety of materials with permittivity and can not only detects conductive materials such as iron and metal but also non conductive materials such as plastics water, stone, built in sensitivity allows users to apply in a diverse area of users convenience.
❖ The capacitive proximity switches are used for sensing metallic as well as non metallic material.

The Major Application Of Capacitive Switches :
• Liquid level/Plastic Granules/Component/Sand/Bulk Material Level
• Food/Grain/Paper & Rubber/Glass Industries

Working Principle
The switches works on th principle of resonant oscillator circuit. Two brass plates are used as electrodes of capacitor & the sensing objects acts as a dielectric media. The change in capacitance the object is sensed by a sensing circuit and output signal is generated.

Type : CPS13 - DC/CPS12-AC

M18 M30 M30

Capacitive Proximity Switches

Dimension M18 M30 Ø34
Length(mm) 80 80 80 80 80
Sensing Distance(mm) 10 15 15
Enclosure NC plated Brass NC plated Brass Plastic
load Current(mA) 200 200 200 200 200
Supply Voltage(V) 10-30 10-30 230/110 10-30 230/110
Switching Frequency(Hz) 20 20 15 20 15
M50 D40 D80
Sensing distance
F - Flush mounting
NF - Non Flush mounting
Dimension M50 D40 D80
Length(mm) 80 80 40X40X112.5 80X80X30
Sensing Distance(mm) F-18 NF-22 15 35
Enclosure NC plated Brass Plastic Plastic
load Current(mA) 200 400 200 400 200 400
Supply Voltage(V) 10-30 110/230 10-30 230/110 10-30 230/110
Switching Frequency(Hz) 100 15 20 20 20 20

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