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Company Profile

Welcome to Sai Control Systems

Sai Control System was established in 1997 and has been engaged in the design manufacturing of high quality and innovative proximity sensors and switches used in all type of industries for sensing.

Sai Control is a technology and customer oriented company. Our philosophy is insistence upon top quality and deep concern for customers.

Our products have won customers hearts and our channel partners have shared the rapid growth of sai control employing our works ethic experienced technology, high sense of responsibility and the excellent management of all our dedicated employees and staff.

To keep up with up-to-date market trends & quality assurance we have stepped into the 21 century to achieve our goal of our total customer satisfaction through constant improvement and development. Sai Control has gained a reputation for efficiency, reliability and excellence in supplying high quality proximity switches.

Sai Control has been engaged in the manufacturing of wide range of high quality proximity switches and sensors used in all industries like , machine tools, packaging, injection moulding, automobile, process, textile, pharmaceutical, cement, steel industries.

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